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Originally Posted by NathanShort
At the end of the day , the owner has owned that rig for a while, It is literally serial numbers 1-4 on the subs and 1-2 on the tops. As anyone knows construction and clubs and politics change venues and timelines. This is the venue that worked and this was the rig he loved. So we did everything we could to make it great. I am sure as the opening roadbumps get smoothed out everything will fall into place, their construction schedule was absolutely nuts, but they pulled it off with a ton of hard work. The owners and team there are completely committed to top tier work and Everyone will pull together to refine this.

Gary's system may have been better, but at 33 I am happy to be on my way to that mans level with 20+ years experience on me and a master of his craft. For now when its not my perfect layout and every amp I want, I make magic happen with whatever I'm given opportunity to do. Here in Chicago I even rebuild Avalon and Dynacord rigs for clients. I'm a transducer Junkie. Happy and proud to be bringing new things to market when I can.

Well said Nathan. So, I take it there are two subs per stack? Are there any Hyperfold midbass boxes employed? Just trying to visualize this beast.

I only heard Gary's system on opening night, and it sounded great to my ears, but almost certainly improved as drivers broke in and settings were adjusted. I'm sure the Void system, if not yet perfect, will be refined in time as well. Best wishes.
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