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Bozak balance pots/refurbish

Actually whilst on the subject of the Bozak (See other thread) thought it would be better to create a new topic on this.

I'd like to replace all the pots on mine some time, I have 8 NOS Alps RK-40's for the inputs and outs but not sure what to get for the balance pots and eq.

I was looking for some RK27's with a centre detent and whilst I can find some which are 50k they are logarithmic, the schematics say they should be linear.

Not sure what to fit for the EQ, those are mounted on a PCB board whilst all the rest is point wiring.

Also when replacing the pots do you guys re-use the ground bus bar? Can't I just make a new one from some cable?
Also shock horror I won't re-use those carbon resistors but I'll put new ones in
And in the words of Colombo, one more thing.. Would there be any advantages to replacing the cue selector switch even though the cue signal is fine?
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