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The Red EP - Daniel James

Listen/buy The Red EP -
Daniel James HERE

Daniel James
The Red EP

Written and Produced by Daniel James
Mixed and Mastered by Toni Economedies

Unquantize Recordings is proud to present our latest release from DJ/Producer/Artist Daniel James with his "Red Ep."

Already no new comer to the house scene, Daniel's love of music goes back 20 years. Daniel has worked alongside some of the world's leading names in house music, DJ's/Producers/Promotions and venues and has earned experience in house music, with a vast collection of knowledge and music spanning from the early 80's to the modern house sound.
Always keeping on the pulse of the beat, there's lots to come from DJ Daniel James, both production and DJ wise with a wide range of the very best to offer in a unique blend and style of deep/soulful/disco/funky/broken/jazzy house music wise, and a wide knowledge of disco /soul/funk and many more styles of music. "The Red EP" showcases his love for house and is sure to become highly sought after. Each track delivers his "synthonic", bass driven, rhythms with an execution that is both soulful and peak time centered. Sure to make you see RED, this package has something for the DJ that likes to captivate, enthrall, and motivate the dance floor in rhythm, energy, and drive!

Laurent Garnier : Street Player -- Great disco sample , pure Philly groove !! Lovin it
Danny Howells : Classic old school vibes done brilliantly .. cheers!
DJ Sneak : street player good
Norm Talley : Street PLayer 4 me! Support!!!
Oris Jay : I like all 3 tracks, well produced. I can see the girls bopping to this Ep!
OutBoxx (Idle Hands) : All about street player
Darren Rock (Rocky / Xpress 2) : Like The Intruders edit.
Andy Ash (Boogie Originals) : Nice stuff.
Hackman : sounds great! street player my favourite
Matt Edwards (Radio Slave) : Downloading! Thank you!
Darren House (Diesel / Xpress 2) : Classic . Full support from X-_press 2 at club and on radio show "House of X-Press 2" on Ministry radio . . Vince Watson (Bio // Planet E // Treso) : Some nice proper house grooves.
Yannick Labbé (Trickski / Innervisions) : Nice. Like this new take on Street Player. Will play it. In the streets. And the clubs.
Lo Shea (Seaghdha / 100 Years / Hope Works) : Street Player well reminds me of Bob Sinclar...cheeky little number
Harri Sub Club : liking the street player track best
Renato Ratier (D-Edge) : classic Deep house. thanks!!
Nubian Mindz (Delsin / Rush Hour) : Track Work is the jam here. DJ friendly and well produced.
Manooz (Alive / Extended Play / Seven Music) : Trak Workis ace, very nice EP here!
Ugly Drums (Quintessentials) : nice use of the intruders sample !
Ben Morris (Kudos Distribution) : street player is quite nice in a retro sorta 90s french house way...
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