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BOZAK identity help!

Looking at a BOZAK DLA that is suppose to be authentic on eBay and asking $3000.00 for it. It looks to be really nice but maybe to nice. I am wondering if it is an original DLA as stated or if it is a late F serial number that was modified. I was told by Mr Beck that F series DL mixers could have been modified by the factory or someone else with the extra inputs added but the real DLA mixer was not available until the release of the G serial numbers that incorporated the Alps pots and some other upgrades. The new release models with the Alps pots and upgrades starting with serial number G0001 were the DLA, DLS, DLB, and later the DLC mixers. Also many DL mixers from this production point up were released with the upgrades. Does anyone have an F serial number DLA with factory print, Alps pots, etc. Just trying to verify before I make an offer. Thanks!

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