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Have you ever seen a pair of tops/ speakers cabs without damping material inside?

I have a new pair of Peavey Impulse 12Ds. My first used pair (of which I have one still) had it inside. Black gauzy stuff that looks like black painted BAF. These new ones don't. I very briefly had another newish pair of them from Guitar Center that also did not have any. Long story short: one of those sounded like an incoming artillery barrage (thankfully I was behind the speaker when I powered it up for the first time), the other had a bent knob on the back. GC quickly swapped them for me. Is it possibly some computer-designed cab that doesn't need it? I noticed the first used pair's gauze inside had a slightly chemical smell that didn't bother me, which obviously was pumping out with the bass. I'm wondering if Peavey just started yanking it out due to complaints about the smell. The pair GC replaced (artillery, bent knob) literally looked like it had been installed and then yanked out. There were glue and gauze remnants inside.

Simple question...

Is there any justifiable reason not to have damping material inside?
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