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You misinterpreted what I said, meaning were you actually in the club. The way you stated it, I wasn't sure if you were there or you were passing along your friend who's a DJ's opinion.

Originally Posted by charles0322
Hey ATF103, I love how you question me being in the club.. thats just awesome bro.

I had no need to hear the monitors until the DJ asked me to hear them in the mixing position after he said they were giving him a headache and he should get some plugs like mine.. He DJs at Stereo so he is prob way spoiled as their monitoring is the best Ive heard anywhere in any club.

As for flow, 1400 ppl in a club where there are three narrow staircases.. with a narrow mezz on either side, dance floor off center, place works amazing at 1000, more than that its madness..

I still think its a great club, very good.. Just would like a room where you can get anywhere without having to negotiate traffic moving in all directions at once.

I thought they played clean enough, but they were harsh.

there was one speaker in the corner upstairs, near the entrance to the terrace, it was really amazing, a little 2 way design, sounded super tight and punchy..
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