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Technics 1200 MKII 3D - Quartz Mod help

I know this has been covered on the forum in the past, but I was hoping to get some definitive answers around modifying the quartz compensation on my SL1200 MKII 3D turntables.

This thread proved to have a lot of great information:

But it gets confusing as to which mods apply to which models of Technics, and which problems this mod is actually solving. So I am going to try to lay out my questions here in a logical manner.

I want my Technics to do less over-compensating when I manually slow down the platter by hand. Specifically, I want to minimize the pitch change that occurs immediately after I release contact with the platter -- the platter speeds up to return to the locked-in pitch position as quickly as possible, then slows down to lock itself into that correct speed so that it doesn't speed past it. (i.e. "speed up to slow down effect")

Removing the "center click" or "green light" for older models of Technics. I got lucky when I was young and stupid and bought the M3D with the separate pitch lock button and no center click, even though the manuals were in Japanese! Smart move! I don't need to deal with any ball bearings here.


- I know I need to clip one end from resistor TP17 (also known as R209). Is this all that I need to do?

- There is a lot of talk about snipping the orange wire on the pitch board. Does this only apply to Technics with the center click problem?

- Has anyone had any lasting problems or repercussions from performing this mod?

Thanks for your help. I am hoping that the clarity of this post will help others in the future as well.

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