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i have a 4 bst, a guy in a shop told me they draw a lot of power from the power socket, thats probably why. i bought 4bst in early january this year, i needed a step down power transformer for it cause all my other ones were used on other gear, so i walk into a shop and ask this dude who sells all your electronic stuff, kinda like radio shack in the us but smaller, he says you need to look at the back of the amp and see how much it draws out, so i said i'll just bring it and you have a look at it, he says no worries.

so i drive home pick the amp up bring it down to the shop, a dude looks at it and goes man we dont sell stuff that supports that sorta power wtf is that man, he said that if i need to get a transformer its gonna cost me more than an amp, he said you have to modify the amp internally its gonna cost you a fortune, anyway their biggest power transformer was something like 400 aud, i didnt know what to do, he even said if i manage to find one it will never last more than 2 hours playing, it will overheat and switch off.

so i didnt know what to do i went on the net and bam first search, this massive power transformer for 169 dollars, i call the guys and he says yeah this one
will do the job, he said it can work 24/7, he said these transformers are used for power tools like drills that are imported from the states, he said that it may be noisy but i havent had any issues with it, it works flawless and i can play as long as i want, i left it once for about day and a half and it didnt even get wam.

anyway my story

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