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JBL PRX subs really worth more than twice the EON sub?

Comparing the 18 inch powered ones, is the top PRX 718xlf sub really worth more than twice the EON518s sub? For the price these are going for, you can get twice the number of EONs that are easier to carry and end up having larger box volume in pairs per the PRX. The EONs also have neodymium magnets while the newest JBL PRX has regressed to ferrites. How much better construction could the PRX really be to make it worth it? And between the added box volume of two EONs AND the allowance to run each at a lower, less distorted wattage level, then isn't the PRX pricing unreasonable? If you really think going the PRX route is worth the price & weight increase and halving of box volume per dollar, make a convincing case for it.
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