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Time goes fast...but here is an update

We moved a few months ago and our baby boy was born end of April (the second one is a lot more hassle). There is always work to do when moving into a new house, so I had other priorities in the past few months...but now I'm finally building my temporary music studio. Installed now is ->


2x SL1200MK2 + 1 backup
2x CDJ2000
Rodec mx180mk3 / Rane XP2016a+exp / Xone92r
Machine MK2

Hifi (Technics):

SL-1200 MK1
+ B&W DM14 with fresh crossovers


2x RCF L15P200 (subs)
2x Beyma cx12 (mid/high)
2x Focal 7v313 (mid)
2x JBL 075 (high)
2x Prodipe Pro ribbon 8 (monitor)

Dap Vision 1600 (rcf's)
Dap Palladium 900 (beyma's)
Rodec 340 (focals)
AD vintage (discreet) stereo amp (JBL's)

DCX 2492

For now, everything is just hooked up so a loot of tweaking and optimalisation to do.

The total cost for the whole mini sound system (booth & hifi not included) was the retail price of the dap vision amp (about 600 euro). Peanuts if you ask me, because everything is made with quality components & parts (neutrik XLR and speakon, cordial wires, penn elcom, ...). Still amazed how much nice stuff you can find for cheap/free when searching in the right places. Once the room is tuned, I can finally start testing the rodec, Xone & Rane and also record a mix.

Feel welcome to post some feedback, questions, ...

Ps. will post some pictures asap

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