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Last night at Stereo Montreal, Dixon was playing some of the most beautiful music.. The guy who booked him said the system sounded best with the
Urei so Dixon played on the Urei, the 3 cdj2000nexus' were then plugged into three "Bozak" ISO-X for eq.

I havent heard the sound like that in a while.. most djs ask for the djm900 or 2000

I dont think the ISO-X is a bad product, infact I think when used properly it is a very good piece of kit.

Originally Posted by Captainjr
Keep in mind that the Bozak ISO-X is not an original American Bozak product and should not be compaired in the same status as the American brand discrete circuitry. I am sure people are aware of the many company's that over the years tried to copy the original 1960-1990 USA Bozak discrete circuitry and failed with their copy's. Also many people do not know that Bozak was one of the first to use discrete circuitry with IC chips in the 10-2 and 10-2D series mixers back in the 1970s so yes IC chips can be designed to produce good sound.
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