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Urei 1620LE and E&S X3004 for sale


I have just put a couple of listings up on eBay UK. The first is for a Urei 1620LE, a Furman power conditioner and VU meter. The mixer is in great condition and has been changed from gold to silver caps courtesy of Mario G.

Really sad to see it go, but we've got another addition to the family

The listing is here: UREI 1620LE Mixer with Furman Power Conditioner and VU meter (Urei 1620 LE)

I've also got a separate listing for an E&S X3004 iso. Again in great condition. The listing is here: E&S X3004 DJ Isolator (Dope Real, Urei, Bozak, Rane, Mixer)

Thanks very much for looking guys. Let me know any questions.
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