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Originally Posted by Captainjr
Wow, see you sold it on eBay and got a pretty good dollar for it. Congrats! It looked like a really nice BB mixer.

sad to see the unit go, but at the same time...

I received another rebuilt/ground up DLC restoration from Mr. Beck recently...
(4 phono, 4 aux, 2 mic, "true" booth - new style output cards; interestingly what I thought to be a quad matched phono card set ended up being 2 DL series cards, and a pair of 919 cards, which I understand to . possibly be a bit different in loading... huh, what... like I said, interesting )

so it is better to see this unit maintain her "working girl," status...
for lack of a better term... in my opinion...

I'll put some pics of the newer unit up as soon as I've had a chance to play a bit...
been solving new home issues recently, unfortunately/fortunately..

:knowwhatimean, vern?:

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