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the older ureis had a mono out which is perfect for pushing the signal thru guitar effects... then feed it back in thru another channel with a Y-cable... mind you you can only put echo on the whole mix... but a real dj can swing those knobs correctly and get the repeats where they need them.... at least i can!!! i use an old rack mount elektra analog delay ep-150. its a bucket brigade joint and it has personality up the yin-yang.... the thing analog delays dont deal with is low end material... so i run an Šudio arts eq before it to get just the signal that it likes... then the delay can really talk... not just make analog crunchy sounds.... my first mixer was a stanton pmc-690 that had a sick digital delay built in that you can assign to any channel... i still use that mixer on reggae gigs!!!! sound quality is nothin to write home about... but that delay!!! old school reggae baby!!!
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