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there's been a lot of talk about the james murphy despacio night in manchester last week with the scary amount of mcintosh mono block power amps. what never got a look in was that the front end was supplied by justin. here it is:

4 x Isonoe Phono Preamps
4 x Isonoe Frequency Isolators
1 x Isonoe 5-Band Equaliser
4 x Isonoe Linear PSUs
1 x Bozak DLS Mixer (remanufactured from parts by Isonoe, with new pots, external PSU etc)

there were also isonoe modified technics turntables used with remote external PSUs, isolation feet, tonearms + CNC-machined bases and damping treatment for days 2 and 3.

Melting Pot with Joey Negro
Saturday 7th September
The Admiral, Glasgow
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