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With Stereo's setup using the Lab Grupen FP+ series.. They have one dedicated channel freed up so that if they do have an issue they can run an extra channel through that spare one on the amp. Amps are built into the cabinets in the stack betweeen the two "jbl 4520" look at this video at around 1minute and youll see the two amps in the stack.. side note: The horn on top is a nexo box with a 10" driver and the TAD 4002 compression driver..

I must say I dont feel the same output as I did back in the day with solid state from the FP+ Labs.. especially in the low end.. Stereo even removed two of their Berthas saying there was too much bass.. I think the new styled amps push a lot of power and that is why they feel they need less cabinets but I still think the original setup with 6 berthas was better..

In any case Im happy to see a club like Stereo survive after all these years and still be dedicated to good sound.. I think a lot of clubs these days are just trying to get open.. then lights, then sound if there is time or money left..

Originally Posted by Captainjr
In my many years of club sound reinforcement I have seen rooms run for 10 years with UREI, BOZAK or RANE mixers that only need routine maintenance like pot replacement etc. Realistiicly the strain on a sound system is on the amplifiers and speaker cabinets. Not saying that a couple great amps couldn't do the job but in all the years of my experience we found that a amp rack is more comfortable to the installers with options if a break down occurs. Just look at the massive racks that touring company's use and you usually will see 4 or 5 units in the rack not in use. Many times I have seen an amplifier fail at a club install at the hight of the night and you need that cushion of quantity to insure having the ability of getting the system up and running normally in a couple minutes.
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