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Originally Posted by Captainjr
In my many years of club sound reinforcement I have seen rooms run for 10 years with UREI, BOZAK or RANE mixers that only need routine maintenance like pot replacement etc. Realistiicly the strain on a sound system is on the amplifiers and speaker cabinets. Not saying that a couple great amps couldn't do the job but in all the years of my experience we found that a amp rack is more comfortable to the installers with options if a break down occurs. Just look at the massive racks that touring company's use and you usually will see 4 or 5 units in the rack not in use. Many times I have seen an amplifier fail at a club install at the hight of the night and you need that cushion of quantity to insure having the ability of getting the system up and running normally in a couple minutes.

when the alternative - in the event of system failure - is clearing an establishment, thus drying up the cash flow....

it makes sense to have a backup plan, IMHO....
I even maintain a few spares of key components in my personal system
so that I can just swap things out at home in the event of the unexpected....

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