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i would use hoellstern amps if needed. most of their modells are made to drive 1 ohms ex factory. all pcbs are 2K dip coated and thats why they can stay in an icecold truck and brought into a moist club and immediately can be turned on. they have an unparalleled damping factor. pricing: you can buy only one hoellstern for 3x powersoft amps. they do NOT intend to export to usa. i know rental companies that run 8x 18" per side, warm up the voice coils and then are ready to go when the whole system has reached 1-2 ohms. all this with an extremly controlled lf-response. only few people can afford and as i said they dont want to export to usa. so gary could not have tested those. the founder is an ex military research guy and has access to components not available to the mass market. so dont start looking, he wont sell to the us.
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