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Originally Posted by Laurin
Talked with Gary about that topic to.
He told me he tried everything that is on the market and the Powersoft K had the best sound.

Had the chance to listen to some K Amps on a good system and the sound was great.

Same experience here, asked Gary about the choice, they demoed everything he told me..

Tamaracat, have you been to GSA,s d36 system.. Ive heard a few decent systems, that was really the best one Ive heard in a really long while for clean high output nyc nightclub sound.

I love how we talk about Pioneer crap.. lol.. its the standard now.

love it or hate it that pioneer snagged a bunch of old plans based on jbl, rosner/RLA, acoustilog.. good on them for getting it somewhat right.

I heard d36, I could care less what amps were used, I didnt have to ask there were no problems with a good dj using that booth properly
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