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Ultra Nate' Presents Lazerbitch + Like Us on Facebook

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Mad Max and LAZERlibby have been putting out records collectively and separately since 1999. Their journey is continued with the LAZERBITCH project. LAZERlibby is a singer, songwriter, dancer and DJ. From punk to pop, she pretty much loves and performs it all.

Mad Max is a DJ, songwriter, composer and live musician. He plays the guitar, bass, synthesizer and key-tar during live shows. The LAZERBITCH band is a fresh young talent Ultra Nate’ has been a fan of for the last 5 years. Ultra now takes the opportunity to give one of the LAZERBITCH electro-pop tracks the house treatment.

The release features remixes from the camps of longtime Baltimore DJ’s and Producer/Remixers - DJ Shawn Q & DJ Oji. Each taking the song “I Loved You” {sung with Libby’s heartfelt emotion) to different places to satisfy the diverse house music palette.
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