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Originally Posted by Richi
Bosa is correct, for balanced you need TRS, i did put TRS into my response though showed images for the TS connectors. I have amended my post to show the TRS Images as well.

Unbalancing the connectors usually opens up the system for greater noise and potential ground issues.

Good Resource on Balanced connections from Rane.

Thanks again Bosa & Richi,

Just to let you know I believe my current cables are ok. I currently have the xlr to jack cables (TS) going from the DJR into the inputs of the nano patch. The instructions state that the inputs in the nano patch accept XLR, TS or TRS cables.

I have then used my xlr to jack (TRS) adaptors to go from the output in the nano patch into my monitors. It's only the output from the nano patch that require TRS.

Reckon this sounds ok?

Cheers again all
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