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What's wrong when modern loudspeaker engineers use modern materials and electronics that create a much more accurate sound?

Your interpretation of modern, technically correct sound is very negative. Through active frequency separation, we are now able to simply linearize the frequency and phase response in any home setup and to create a substantially uniform listening environment. What now happens is that old tracks mastered on bass-heavy sound systems today sound a bit thin on linearized systems.

But this has nothing to do with the manufacturers wanting to let the listener dissect the music analytically. Modern systems have completely objective advantages and bring life to music that was previously not possible. And it has nothing to do with classical music or jazz. Only that also 40 years ago classical music was recorded with great effort and a good monitor. That this was not the case in most house music tracks, we get to feel 20 years later.

Of course you can buy the "old flavor" at home to get happy. But for that you do not have to spend so much money. Since you can also buy very high quality modern speakers for house and tweak the sound (objectively) worse.

Just my opinion.

Tell us more about the room. Where exactly are the speakers standing, where exactly are you? Attempt to describe the situation as accurately as possible, if you want to spend so much money wisely.
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