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A home speaker particularly suited for house music?

So, I'm planning a new home DJ setup and everything else has pretty much been decided, but I'm unsure about what speakers to get.

Here's the requirements:

- Passive, as I want to drive them from a separate amp
- Smooth highs and mids
- Big, old school-sounding bass, so I don't need a subwoofer
- Flattering and musical
- No "studio monitor sound", ie. not scientifically accurate
- And last but not least, they must sound particularly awesome with house music. People get erections when I put a Kerri Chandler record on-type of awesome.

I've been to hifi/high end fairs and stuff and to my ears, many of today's speakers are very accurate and unforgiving and don't sound "house", whatever that means. They seem to manufacture most speakers for listening and analyzing classical, prog rock and jazz music. Or at least that's the impression I have. I could be wrong of course.

I've been thinking about the Yamaha NS-1000's, as they seem popular with DJ's, among others.

Budget? A few thousand euros/dollars.

I know asking for speaker advice online is a bit silly as tastes wary, but it's not like I'll buy something unlistened. I just want some suggestions, so I can go to hifi stores and not have to go through literally thousands of different speakers.
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