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So cool Shorty, I remember when you did this and it really gave an old school feel and real sense of the history of the Garage and what Stereo was really going for as far as sound and vision.

I think today the club is a good mix of old and new technology and it has managed to stay on the map for so many years. It still makes me smile to hear that system with a great dj (even if the Urei is relegated to a shelf most of the time)

Here is a Nicole Moudaber clip at Stereo ype=3&theater

Originally Posted by SBS Designs u can see the Beacons hanging over the floor with Blue caps

as an effect I wanted to put Beacons in the Levans like Zanzibar had, but remebering Richard used mirro from Mirro balls to line the inside of the Waldorf and Levans for a lighting effect from Beacons i knew they wldnt work, So there were times I told David lets put them in the scoops as well to move them around to change the room feel from time to time.


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