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when Morales and I

Spoke here in nyc at our weekly meetings David Morales and i had, we always spoke about lighting I had told him lets bring back the Beacons like the old days, ill make spinning T lights Like the Garage which hasent been done since the Garage he said Absolutlely, i shopped them here but wld be too diff to get thru the boarder, so wolfe Contacted solo tech and we had them mod them. These meetings DM and i had was always on what we wanted to improve on the SBS Beast and about bringing the pins & next level adv on lighting, I wanted to do egg drop strobes soooo much more back then at that time as well.

I made the upside down spinning t brackets here in nj on chandeler turners in my garage. u can see the Beacons hanging over the floor with Blue caps

as an effect I wanted to put Beacons in the Levans like Zanzibar had, but remebering Richard used mirro from Mirro balls to line the inside of the Waldorf and Levans for a lighting effect from Beacons i knew they wldnt work, So there were times I told David lets put them in the scoops as well to move them around to change the room feel from time to time.

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