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I'm Still Standing - Larry Rauson

Listen/buy Im Still Standing- Larry Rauson HERE

Artist Bio for Larry Phillip Rauson, Jr.
Larry Rauson was born in Newark, and raised in Newark and Kearney. His family relocated to Linden when Larry was 8 yrs. old. Larry continues to live in Linden.
Larry is a product of the Linden school system where, since third grade, music was the focus of his education, and had the opportunity to be taught saxophone by a series of wonderful teachers, Steven Krantz, Robert Zeglarsky, Judi Benjamin, and Gerry Lorenzetti. Larry credits .Lorenzetti more than most for his passion for the art of music. It should be noted that Larry also studied piano under Mildred Thomas of Newark
Larry is at heart, a local boy. He studied music, communications, and history at Kean University of New Jersey, earning degrees in Communications, History, and is currently working on obtaining a master’s degree in Education. While at Kean, Larry studied woodwinds under the guidance of Englebert Brenner, and produced and hosted a popular radio show on the highly influential college radio station WKNJ-90.3 FM. As a student of music, saxophone, specifically, Larry had the opportunity to receive guidance and perform with luminaries such as Hank Crawford, Paquito D’Rivera, Kenny McIntyre, and George Benson.
After college Larry worked briefly in the broadcast industry, but that did not last long, as his musical nature was something he could not ignore. He wound up working as a midi and recording engineer at the legendary House of Music in West Orange New Jersey, where under the tutelage of some of the best engineers in the music business, Larry honed his skill in that particular area. One of the greatest benefits of his time at House of Music was his relationship with Khalis Bayyan, of Kool and the Gang. Larry considers Khalis to be one of his greatest teachers in terms of playing saxophone and crafting songs.
After House of Music, Larry continued to engineer as a freelancer, and at studios run by Rashad Muhammad. It was during this time Larry had the pleasure of working at Dancetracks Records in NYC
Larry produced and recorded two seminal New Jersey underground records with Jenifer Mickey, “Don’t Tell Me How Love Should Feel”, (which was never officially released), and, “Keep On Believin”, which remains one of Larry’s highest selling independent project. Larry also enjoyed a highly creative tenure with New Jersey legend Tony Humphries. Together, the team of Humphries and Rauson did over twenty remix projects with “Coming On Strong” by Desiya, reaching number 1 status on the Billboard dance charts.
Larry’s musical talent has afforded him the opportunity to travel and perform throughout the United States and Europe as both a musician, and as a dj. In recent years, kidney disease has limited Larry’s ability to travel, but has not stopped him. He still plays regularly and appears as a special guest at clubs throughout the NJ, NY area.
Larry Phillip Rauson, Jr, is a multi-instrumentalist, specializing in alto and soprano sax, woodwinds, piano and drums. As a certified teacher, surprisingly, of social studies, Larry continues to take great pleasure in mentoring young people, especially his nephew, tenor saxophonist, Devin K. Rauson. Larry is a founding member, and the original artist-producer for the independent label, New Generation Records

Album Credits
All production and instrumentation by Larry Phillip Rauson, Jr., except as noted.
All copyrights held by Larry Phillip Rauson, Jr., except as specifically noted.
Publishing by Luxury Car Productions, BMI, Sound On House, BMI, and others as noted.

Musicmental 1601
Writers Larry P. Rauson, Jr., Victoria Ryan
Vocals Larry P. Rauson, Jr., Victoria Ryan
Studio Larry’s Little Lab

St. George Avenue, NJ Rt. 27
Writer Larry P. Rauson, Jr.
Studio Larry’s Little Lab
Larry Sound
Writer Larry P. Rauson, Jr.
Studio Larry’s Little Lab
Seke (Crazy Love)
Writers Larry P. Rauson, Jr., Evan Adamafio
Vocals Evan Adamafio
Backing Vocals Portia Neely, and others unknown
Publishers Luxury Car Productions, Sound On House, Niiokaija, BMI
Studio Fourth Quarter Entertainment, Larry’s Little Lab
Engineers Rashad Muhammad, Larry P. Rauson, Jr.
Copyright Larry P. Rauson, Jr., Evan Adamafio
Stay (Don’t Go)
Writers Larry P. Rauson, Jr., Vanessa McMillan
Vocal Vanessa McMillan
Backing Vocals Vanessa McMillan, Katherine Jones LaBirt
Studio The Legendary House Of Music, 1400 Pleasant Valley
Way, West Orange NJ, Larry’s Little Lab
Engineers Larry P. Rauson, Jr., Rashad Muhammad

Full Moon Over 1416
Writer Larry P. Rauson, Jr.
Studio Larry’s Little Lab
One Night at Zanzibar
Writer Larry P. Rauson, Jr.
Vocals Larry P. Rauson, Jr., Folasade Azali Vann, Velma Charleston, and introducing Alyssa Holmes
Studio Fourth Quarter Entertainment, Larry’s Little Lab
Engineers Rashad Muhammad, Larry P. Rauson, Jr.

In The Rain (Rainstorm, and Reprise)
Writers Larry P. Rauson, Jr.
Vocals Larry P. Rauson, Jr., Jenifer H. Mickey
Studio Larry’s Little Lab

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