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Originally Posted by Ryan0751
Oh, wow. That's kind of crazy about the candles. You have to really want it. . What do they use for DMX control?

You said it's a 5D right? Mine takes surprisingly good audio (for a camera mic).

They use a keyboard to cue some lights with a software I have no experience with unfortunately.. when I was filling in on lights in '08 they had a Spark 4D analogue controller, I am going to try and get up to speed on the lights soon to work with the lighting director on some video settings to create some great video without pushing my ISO too high.

The audio from the 5d2 is good, in the menu, "green star" (where you format the card) then in "Live View/Movie func. set." you go into "Sound recording" then adjust manually until you see the clip light illuminated but not steady.. with this you can achieve decent club sound from the onboard mic
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