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When it comes to 2395,s I like the industrial look

The dispersion pattern with the lens is needed for places with high ceilings (churches, nightclubs)

I like the way GSA stacked two together and used 2x BMS4590 to cover frequencies over 800hz and left the tweeter arrays to scatter the hiss.

I grew up with these jbl systems in all the clubs I spent my youth in Im not sure if Im partial because of what they represent or in their soundstage for the mid-hi. Im a little too attached to them to remember how accurately they compete with the current horn at Stereo, (Which is a NEXO box, incorporating the 2 inch TAD compression driver and a 10" driver within the cabinet) The original old mid-hi boxes that SBS had built during his years overseeing Stereo for the TAD TM-1201H were destroyed by the new owners, another shortsighted club owner

Before the club had the 2395 with the TAD4002 or 01 with adapter, cant remember, Shorty did that upgrade and I know he is not a fan of this horn but was stuck sometimes at Stereo using what they had.

Today the 6 2395,s sit in the basement of the club gathering dust, legend has it they were once installed at the paradise garage, but who knows?

Either way love it or hate it the lens diffraction horn is unique in its looks and I love the wood variant on the smaller jbl studio monitors of the day.

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I had Ti jbl diaphragms previously...
unknown age, church duty

the difference is very dramatic...
more so with the tractrix flares...

I feel the tractrix are more revealing/image better than the exponentials with lenses...

PS. if you happen to look at them again, Ti phragms are a little duller in appearance than the AL units
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