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DIY Monitors

I built a pair of DIY monitors recently to make use of some drivers and horns that I had. I was trying to go for something JBL-ish looking but with my own personal touch added.

The woofers are 2220H drivers from the big 4560 horns that I had a few years back. The 537 horns are mated to 2441 drivers and crossed at around 500 hz. 450 to be exact which is a little low, but its either that or 700hz on the bryston. The 077 slot is crossed at 8k through an RLA X4000 (IE the tweeter output), and there is a JBL MRX500 in the corner.

Thoughts: I wish I had gone with a circular port, more like traditional jbl cabinets. For the midbass freq range I needed, only one 4" port would have been required, and I thought it would look goofy or off center, hence the slotted port. In hindsight, I wish I had just put in one or two more dummy ports that were plugged . This would have allowed me to play around with different drivers and port area / lenghts. Anywho, it is what it is - my first attempt, and it sure was fun!

photo1 by jnkarrik, on Flickr

photo2 by jnkarrik, on Flickr

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