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This is common practice for companies like Omnitronic, find something that you can make for a fraction of the cost by using their discounted buying price. Copy the aesthetics and throw it at the market and hope to attract the competions customers. Ethics don't come into business decisons like this, they see a market and sell. Who knows if there ethics stop them from using those fake Alps pots being churned out of China.

I'm sure the unit will work fine and those who buy one will be happy with it's peformance. There is only so much you can do at at given price point, corners need to be cut somehwere regardless of how cheap you buy the compononents for or what country manufactures the end product.

E&S is not on breadboard, it may look like that from some of the images you have seen, and Jerome may use small breadboards for an individual circuit item, when someone demands some custom mod like an extra channel. You are not going to rip out a whole PCB just to add an extra channel.
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