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DSA.Audio are you Mistick Krewz? David? from Denver?

If you are... Aren't you the same guy from Denver who wants to purchase, but needs crating and freight assistance? I would sell it to you, but that stuff is really heavy, so I am only supporting "local pickup." A matter of fact the same guy from Denver asked me the same question in 2011 here on wave.
Someone on EBAY paid $5000 recently for this, but they didn't realize the weight, which made shipping 2k more... I had to give him a refund, so I now have made the price $2500.

Guys I am offering this stuff, because my wife is on my back to get rid of my storage, or else I would never get rid of the rare JBL 2395 that goes for 2k for a pair on Ebay daily. I am offering 4 Jbl 2395 and 8 RLA enclosures.

and also I always like to here a little history about this RLA full range that was like the MOS in England.
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