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Originally Posted by Elliot Thompson
It looks like some guys that only focus on Live Sound are finally realising prerecorded music offers bass beyond 50 Hz. Best Regards,

I'm one of those sound providers that always delivered sound systems that had some level of "real" low frequency capabilities.

Originally Posted by charles0322
IMO things are shifting back to sound quality. the days of mp3 for pro use are nearly over. djs, club owners and sound installers/pros are finally growing a brain and have stopped saying "oh well, good enough"

I'm constantly "educating" club & venue owners and managers (as well as DJ's) the difference between poor downloaded crap and proper store-bought CD's of quality music.

Very often, I get called to fix a system because they've had poor sound quality. Without touching a thing, I play my test music for them and they ask me what I did to fix the sound system. Then I explain AGAIN about the junk music their DJ's play.

Just this past week I had to do this-third time with this owner. I had to prove to him where I was getting the music from.
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