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I haven't seen any new ones available for quite a while. It's worth the soundcard in it alone. Better fidelity than any of my interfaces before, and that includes Emu's "miracle DAC" chip ones. Many times the ins/outs, too.

Make sure you run the meters as mentioned in the manual. It's to prevent the filters from overloading. It can't be run like a Xone can. Neither could the Biamps, which were even more abrupt overloaders (almost like brick wall 0dBFS in digital domain on those).

I also recommend running it on top of a laptop cooler. There's a buttload of heat-generating stuff inside.

Besides that, the other thing I'd like to do is get in there and change the pots that supposedly control the fader curves, but there are a lot of screws to take off on the front to do it and you need a volt meter to adjust them. A rotary version with a built-in 120mm fan on the bottom would sell like hotcakes. Well, there's always the send-receive knobs if you don't mind them working backwards.

While the bass isn't quite as tight as the SCM7500/7600, it's pretty close and the sound isn't euphonic or sweetened to my ears like the Xones, but without the Biamp's hardness and coldness. It's a very happy medium. Likes to be loud and it likes speakers that can dish out extended highs. There is a lot of musical information this interface & mixer can flesh out with the right system.

My only sonic complaint about it is the slight lack of ultimate in-the-blend transparency that some minimalist two-channel designs and (I know it's sacrilege but...) some of the best digital mixers can manage. That's a hard thing to judge, though, and the filters, features, and overall analog goodness make up for it.

Oh, and watch out for that headphone jack. It's ridiculously powerful. You might want to wrap the knob so you don't grab it accidentally in the dark.
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