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thread derailment or not, fascinating stuff

we're lucky on this board to have so many mixer designers, sound pros & even djs all dedicated to playback with quality gear.

as far as gear goes, mixer choice seems to always be the driving force behind our passion as djs, it's our tool for the mix and becomes an extension of our mind.

I think I would prob. buy an A&H Xone92.. this is based on layout, tools and usability, price, dj riders, ease of use for all platforms, multiple sends and returns.. all for about 1,000

if you want boutique and such and money is no object the choice gets harder! because ideally you would want to listen to every mixer and test before buying.

Originally Posted by Pern
I don't think it's easier to design discrete stuff compared to IC-based ones. Anyone can design for example a IC-based gain stage with a gain of 10,
try to do that using 2 or 3 transistors/FETs and try to get even close to the IC version when it comes to distortion. That require a lot of knowledge.

The "Warm Sound" in discrete/Tube stuff is mostly added distortion (harmonics) and this distortion is removed in IC-designs due to how OPs works internally.
All discrete/tube designs add distortion, then depending on the design you can control how much and what type it is.
Also many high quality discrete designs works in Class-A and have high quality/high voltage PSU's, something that ICs don't.

It's much easier to create something using IC's, and as bossa_nolyx write, by using good quality components, a good core design, PSU/filtering and PCB design
you can get fantastic results using ICs,even better than most modern commercial club-mixers.
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