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I'm pretty frigg'n floored with a Mackie D4. Better than Xone sound. Not quite as good as Biamp's bass but better highs, no grain, and flat (no 1dB trend in favor of highs). Great filters. Useful EQs. Phenomenal mic preamps and Onyx firewire 24/96 in/out section... way better than any interface I've ever had, including two Emus. And it can sort of kind of work as a rotary if you use the send/returns like it was opposite day. My only complaints: I still think DJ digital mixers do better summing than analog DJ mixers, gets hot and needs to be on a laptop cooler (easy fix, does it mean it's running class A inside or something?), the meters are only one color and need to be run in a strange way to prevent the filters overloading, and the line faders' default curve is idiotic and needs tweaking internally with some pot adjustments, which I haven't done yet. If I could wire the send/return knobs in reverse and put bigger knobs on them, I'd be very content with dual fader and rotary function. Anyway. None of you probably wanted to hear that, but thought I'd contribute.

On the S/N ratio front and some of the other stuff, I think Elliot Marx once mentioned to me that getting good transient response sometimes meant sacrificing a little noise floor to get it. So maybe you should just think about getting your Urei serviced. Check with local music gear stores and hospitals for freelance electronics repair people. The people who work for some of these hospitals are a cut above. The mods you have on your Urei are golden ones, especially the cue feature.
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