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First post....

Long time lurker, finally I registered....

I'm a Belgian rotary adept and managed to score a mixer today....

Rane MP 2016a + expander like new and I only paid $830/ €625 !

I never played with one but knew I wanted one bad....for a loooooong time. Unfortunately these mixer are very exotic here and was not prepared to pay full retail (€2300 & €1100 for expander, street price is €2400 for the combo).
Urei & Bozak are almost non existent so I gave up on those...

I got lucky because a guy working @ a dj store needed some quick cash and it was only me that noticed his add and acted fast (no time for other bidders).

The store he works for is a Rane dealer, so he was able to get that set for €1000 and used it only a few times, the units look like new in the box.
Still @ work atm but I guess I wont sleep much tonight

The friends she is going to play with:

Xone 92r
Rodec MX 180 MK3
Rodec SM200
DJM 909

3 technics SL 1210
2 cdj 2000

rodec amps
DIY monitors (beyma CX12) & prodipe pro ribbon 8

This site is an awsome resource for rotary fans...feels like coming home
I will probably have a lot of questions and it feels great to have all this wisdom available

Ps. next mixer in pipeline is DJR400 (this year I hope)

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