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jnkarrik: Correctly, the mixer should not be shown. Is an own project, and until I am not sure what I do with it, I will not reveal the concept behind it. Only this: Something like this did not exist before

muzikdc: Tannoy Ellipse 8 Active (not the actual idp version). Meanwhile, I've also a TS10 Subwoofer supporting them.

Originally Posted by marjkus
Here are the specs and the description of the box by the manufacturer, (unfortunately in German...)

We already had a discussion about those speakers

I admit, I don't have a clue about loudspeakers and audio arrangement.
Just can tell you what the manufacturer writes and what my ears tell me.
As I said, I can imagine a slight filter effect. But this plate can absorb anything, but only "capture" in between due to sound reflections. But certainly not beginning at 500 Hz. Sound waves diffract around anything that is smaller than their own wavelength (of course this is a smooth transition)

You could tell me the size of the board and I could take a measurement next time I'm at the laboratory in Potsdam...

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