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true bypass on dj gear

hey -- there was another thread start about sonic maximizers that turned into a discussion on true bypass.... i decided to check out my favorite dj toy --- the elektrix filter factory -- i used to hook it up after my urei but before my compressors and "bypass" it when i wasnt doing some crazy mix that needed all sorts of weird filtered out shit goin on... after read the thread i sent one of the outputs of the urei to a Y-cable and sent the direct signal to one channel on a mackie mixer and the other thru the "bypassed" filter factory and then to another channel on the mackie. i could solo(pfl) the signal to the headphones(akg 240) and switch between the 2 very cleanly for a pretty good A/B test. the meter show the FF signal down by about 2db and it certainly sounded quieter. when i bumped up the signal to equal levels you could hear a very slight difference... almost like a peice of thick fabric was thrown over a speaker... the frequency response sounded pretty much the same but the pure signal had a little more punch down low and a little clearer on the highs... i didnt do lots of tests... listened to some house and reggae for about 15 minutes and i was convinced to take it out of the signal path. the difference was very slight and i wont hesitate to use it on a gig... but for around the house critical listening... seeeee ya..... hahaha!!! it seems the bypass is not a true bypass....
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