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i have a badly finished DJ mixer of partly my own design and after much chopping and changing i opted for transformer line ins but a buffered out.

That way the character of the transformer remains more of a constant than being driven by a circuit in front of it for the output.

i'd like to refine the design or possibly get someone to finish my own design professionally.... But I am waiting for Justin's mixer too.

i quite like a lot of mixers, some of the denon's are o.k. The Ranes, formula sound and some of the a&h mixers are o.k. i don't like pioneers and i love the e&s portable.... I use a digital Urei and find it great but not perfect.

I'm in the camp that believes nothing is perfect unless you can get or afford your perfect custom job.

I think the wise man tries as much as he can and goes for it.

After all it doesn't matter to anyone else if you are happy.

Good hunting!
it aint were your from its were your at.
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