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I love the Bozak ISO-X. It is quite underrated IMO, but more as a studio piece. It does color the sound though even at neutral settings -- then again so does a Pultec, and a UREI LA-2A, and most any other classic piece of gear.

Discrete to me sounds different though there are many, many variables to a circuit of course... To me there's something about the sound that "goes farther" but at the same time is "easier" sounding, even under distortion.

Most of my favorite gear (LA-2A, old tube amps, tape machines, Passive EQs) is full of distortion though, when you get down to it, be it inductor/transformer distortion or tube distortion or weird phenomena with impedances. Even the UREI 1620 owes a lot of its personality to its (distortion-introducing) output transformers. I actually put an old pair of them on my Soul Sonic discrete mixer and love the "muscle" of it.

I'm sure a Pioneer DJM mixer has vastly superior THD and Noise characteristics to all the stuff I like.

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