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Here's a little something I wrote for some members on another forum....

Monarch San Fran is a great room to begin with. Its an odd combination of Very Old Timber ceilings at about 14ft high with lots of pipes and odd angles. Smooth concrete floor, which I begged them to floor with wood, but they did not, more on this later.

So the room actually has a crazy old diffuser for a ceiling naturally. Just the right ammount of liveliness and just enough dispersion. Not too dead, and no standing waves.

We put in a DJ table poured out of concrete and rebar steel, and sunk pilons down into the dirt 2 meters below. The Stasys X actually sit right underneath the DJ Table which is absolutely non resonant and immovable. And polished by machine to shine. Shure White Label Needles and Technics MK52 tables provide an absolutely stunning soundstage and there is no feedback or rumble whatsoever. I was quite surprised that I only had to cut 2.5db at 130Hz to get a little tone arm sympathy feedback out of the tables. Monitors were brand new Air Ten V2 and sound simply amazing. Close proximity to the mains subs negated the need for extra booth sub. All very natural and works together.

The clients after the first night thought that there was not enough sub bass, and they were a bit right and a bit wrong. The neighbors were complaining but when you danced on the concrete the psycho-acoustic effect was missing bone conductance and your brain simply told you "not enough bass" We rushed in a prototype (at that time) Arcline VLF after talking to Rog, and I strapped a 5kw bridged amp on it and put it on the opposite side of the dance floor aimed back at the StasysX and Dj booth. I ran the VLF from 28Hz to 65Hz and the StasysX from 55Hz to 135Hz. The 4 point air motion is not run even NEAR its peak capacity so getting into the 12" at 135Hz is no problem. The New VLF was exactly the extra sub bass we needed to really modulate that floor beneath dancers feat and let your body feel the sub bass.

Remember that this is a very intimate dancefloor , only about 200 people capacity. And the owners own OHM records and the boys from Dirtybird play there regularly. Real audiophile bunch. and we run it that way. Space is at a premium and working with our top line Void we were able to provide the maximum enveloping sound in the smallest footprint possible.
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