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New mixer time - help me make up my mind!!!

I currently have a modified UREI 1620LE (One of the rec outs is post-FX and the headphones have a third, middle position thats a mix of CUE/PGM)
Heres my criteria -

- Rotary
- 19" rackable
- High quality
- At least 6 inputs

Heres my choices:

Alpha Recording System ARS 4100
Pros: Compact, nice dual FX loop, high quality, uncluttered
Cons: Expensive, no warranty (!), Rec outs arent post-FX, Cueing system is too basic

Electronique Spectacle DJR100D/ DJR100*
Pros: Definitive. Has a VU and iso, so can replace all that gear with one, high quality.
Cons: Bit cluttered with the per channel EQ, cant hear master in phones, no recording outs, no Dry/ wet FX knob
* The 100 has no per-channel EQ or iso. Contender?

Rane MP2016A
Pros: Excellent in/out connections, pre AND post FX recording outs, excellent cue system, high quality
Cons: Arguably a bit cluttered, no Dry/ Wet FX knob (So cant retire my E&S XFX3004 Isolator)

I thought about others:
Xone V6+ second hand (Too cluttered, too expensive)
New Bozak (How good is this? Ticks a lot of boxes but unsure...)
Modified old Bozak (Too risky, too expensive)
DFA Mixer (Still no info on it, so not sure...)

What do you guys think?

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