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Show a local chippy some pictures and give him some dimensions (HxWxD of the TTs, if you want them fully sunk) 19" by xRU (where x is the number of RU you want and where

The only other stuff I would say is check for things the carpenter WONT be aware of eg the depth of any equipment in the angled rack - will your console be big enough to take them where you want without hitting the bottom of the top bit? Check... youll also need to determine the angle of that top rack... everything else is easy

FINISH: Go for solid oak if you can, not veneered. Ill say that store is very expensive compared to employing a chippy to do it yourself... those cabinets look like unfinished, veneered MDF - not the nicest of finishes if youre buying a 'for life' console... get a solid oak one made (Be aware some places say 'solid oak' when they mean oak-veneered MDF - kitchen suppliers do this a l;ot and it is MISLEADING!!! - beware!!!)

So check whose responsible for finish (ie sanding/ filling/ first coat and sand, second coat and sand of varnish)

If you do buy one and want to varnish it (and I absolutely WOULD) do it WHEN YOU BUY IT!! As itll get covered in smears and chips otherwise

One more thing, perhaps consider some rack space underneath (Amps, CD players etc)

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