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Let's just state the obvious here and point out that Beatport is in no way objective with anything they do, and have no credibility when it comes to something like this. Everything they do is "pay to play."

It's all done in their self-interest to make money. They've done this with the music they promote (hello Deadmau5!). It also extends to gear (hello Native Instruments!) and even clubs (hello Beta!). You think that they don't have a "wink wink" business relationship with Funktion One so that they can build their next franchisee location in San Diego or some other self-proclaimed "clubbing capital" of the USA?

They promote the same crap they sell as if they are the de-facto arbiters of taste, when they are merely dance music charlatans masquerading as experts on dance music.

Beta is owned by Beatport. Period. If Beatport had any point-of-view on what clubs should be, you'd think Beta would be a unique example of what clubland could be. It's not. It's a bland pastiche of clubbing elements thrown together without much thought, targeted at an audience that has no historical reference point for dance music (Denver!).

Let me tell you, I was in Denver for the first time 3 weeks ago, and Beta is an adequate but admittedly cookie cutter club. It looks exactly like old Club Spin (early 2000's) in Miami (which I have seen knocked off in such exotic locales as Cleveland {Moda} ten years ago), right down to the overused, passť cryogenic air jets. The VIP area is as large as the main floor. They hire half dressed, uninterested circus people to walk around on stilts as a distraction, kind of like a Madame Tussaud's version of Burning Man attendees without any of the actual character involved. Never mind that the old Limelight club kids would have scared the living crap out of these folks. Go-go dancers flank either side DJ booth to help fuel the touring-arena-dj-as-god hype machine that Beatport so desperately needs to sustain itself. The place is essentially one big distraction.

Oh yeah, the Funktion One system. It was pretty good but not spectacular. I heard Biz Markie play a mostly hip-hop set off of his laptop. I can't say what the file quality was. But I've heard plenty of F1 systems in London to know that this is not in the same class as other systems like The End and Fabric were like to my ears. Pretty good but not great. The mid-highs were slightly harsh at Beta and it didn't have the shimmer on the super high end. The bass was solid but not like the gut punching awesomeness you get at my favorite SBS/GSA/Steve Dash systems. Volume was thankfully ok.

So then, that pretty much sums up how I feel about Beatport. I have respect for the Funktion One guys but they have to accept the repercussions of getting in bed with Beatport.

The top 10 list basically just makes me feel gross and angry, in other words.
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