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Because hardly anyone is using vinyl anymore and the DACs on the new Pioneers are pretty good, and even this is moot if you're using the SPDIF out to a DSP. A lot of clubs now don't even have Technics in the booth.

I still think Denons have better DACs. Wolfsons tend to sound kind of shouty and glassy in the mids.

I really like the middle mids and upper mids on the Funktion Ones. They have a sort of creamy smooth inner light going down that I dig. I do not think they sparkle in the highs, though. Horns in general just do not wet my willy for shimmer, I don't care if they're loading a titanium tweeter or a soft dome one. I think F1 actually compensates for this somewhat by voicing the tweeter tops to a lower dB sensitivity than the rest of them in the stack. I'm not entirely sure I buy that the soft domes over the titanium is the main reason for the warmer sound. I do like their big cookie-cutter stacks, though. You could do a lot worse with other non-custom ones, and if you give them the space they deserve (including behind) they can make some nice music.

By far and away the most important thing. TURN THE F---ING VOLUME DOWN FOR F--- SAKES. Pardon my language, but sometimes it's appropriate. Anything over around 85dB is distorting the ear/brain system orders of magnitude beyond anything else in the chain. Peaks up to 90dB may be tolerable, but that's seriously pushing it. This is an empirical fact backed up by real data. Get a digital ratshack dB meter and you will realize that even 80dB is very loud when you start from nothing. They keep pushing it to add body sensation dynamics in the midbass and even the midrange due to the lack of low bass and proper room treatments. But it ruins the highs and removes the ability of the ear to appreciate any finesse that the system may be capable of. I also believe this is one of the reasons for a move to more gimmick-oriented music that takes advantage of this and is not harmed by the lack of microdynamics... I won't name any genres.

And if that doesn't convince you, the Chasing the Dragon syndrome that is so common in audiophilia high-end clubland is largely the result of extended exposure to high sound pressures destroying the hearing of your youth and permanently robbing you of the ability to ever have that sound experience again. Many of those old systems sounded so much better simply because your hearing was better back then.
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