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I think all these top # lists are pretty funny

for instance, the djm900 is a decent mixer, not the best sounding.. so if these are the best sounding clubs why wouldnt they be using a better mixer as their front end.. ok the tech rider of today has the 900..

I just think its funny like places like Stereo Montreal didnt make the list, at the leading edge of club sound for 13years lol, they use an original Urei for the most part too..

Funktion 1 eh? thats what it takes to have the best sound. I wont say its bad, because its not, I do know for a fact that a xone92 with WAV sounds very good on F1 and sounds lacklustre with a djm900.. sure there are some techs that no how to go about making the djm sound better.. but the mp3 is very noticeable from an f1 system

but how do all these systems differ from one another if for the most part they all use the same stuff and its not even that good??
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