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Thanks Lime Twig.

Here it is in a not-complete, but usable state while I perfect the Wet/Dry section. (I think I'm going to end up with a stepped 4-gang potentiometer in there to get the curve just right.) I'll probably re-use the Booth output circuitry as a driver for the effects unit and re-sum with an Edcor summing transformer.

Upgraded many parts, simplified the cueing section and actually eliminated a channel.

Other plans for upgrades in the very near future include:

* Install vintage UREI 1620 balancing/output transformers (it is currently transformerless). I'm hoping this will give the mixer just a touch of what I call the "American Sound".

* Install vintage milspec Torotel input transformers and eliminate the input DC filter capacitors.

Later plans:

* Linear Power Supply in separate case.

Also pictured: Vintage ADM Inductor EQs and Pioneer EFX-1000 with Arcade Button mod of my own devising.

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