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Yea I hate the 44-7 too, I think they sound terrible. There is more to like about a Stanton 500 than a 44-7 imo... Go on other American production forums cough MPC bla and they think the 44-7 is the best sounding cart in the world though lol

Any way, I see you are from Germany. Can you still buy the Broadcast E easily there?
I've always found it hard to get hold of here, wouldn't mind trying it.
It has a more compliant suspension than the NCE as used in the DJ-E/Arkiv but unlike the DJ-E or Arkiv the cantilever is lower mass and lighter :-)

The best Stanton's I heard/used were those 881s I think they were called, Yaxkin on this forum used to mix with them before they became extinct. Made the 680 sound like a pile of old crap and the 680EL was a favorite of mine for years hahah
Scotty on this forum used to be fanatical about the 681SE, he gave me a few too but I prefer the 881 to this day if we are talking old Stanton
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