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(If anyone still cares) If you look at the schematic of the 1122, you'll see that the basic phono stage is about the same as a $20 Radio Shack phono preamp, and if you look at the spec sheet, so is the performance. 0.5% THD, 60 dB hum and noise, and 42 to 50 dB channel separation are not indicative of "highest quality".

The Bozak uses one more transistor per channel, which I suspect is still not enough to deliver the same performance as the 1622 board which has two op-amps.

Check out the AudioXpress review of budget phono preamps, available as "403hansen2090.pdf". (Can still be found online using The clear winner was the Hagerman Bugle, which is available in kit form. If you happen to search eBay for RIAA and OPA2134 you'll find what appear to be clones of the Bugle.

As to the original question, I've been intending to build a clone of the 1622 to use when digitizing my old records. Probably with the option of using two dual op-amps instead of the quad, space to use a film capacitor for the 10 uF caps, and no output cap. If DC offset is a problem, maybe add a DC servo to null it out. Based on how little progress I've made so for, it's more likely that I'll opt for one of those Bugle clones.

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