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It really depends Fred

Originally Posted by Fred Bissnette
mp3 will always sound bad no matter what you do to it explain how you can make the sample rate better by adding tube warmth(distortion albeit the pleasureable kind )

With the SP-1 there is ALOT going on in this processor and is VERY complex & never been done before. SP-1 offers a really unique sonic flavor and bring out dynamics in a production and system that is a necessary tool for sound and recordings.

On circuit board:
- There are over 450 individual components that go into the unit
- 1200 individual solder points
- about 880 traces in total

I can see what you are saying but not the case with SP-1. The SP-1 is not just a tube processor you run audio thru and it will just warm it up and that`s all, its a VERY difficult circuit that took yrs to get rt.

What the front panel threshold pots do is adjust at what level the high and low frequency expander triggers. The high and low frequencies are separated, expanded then mixed back together and then sent to the tube output buffers.

Whatever the tube does is a product of the level you choose to set on BOTH front panel knobs in tandem with the level of music going into the unit.

You can calibrate the tubes for the amount of effect and gain structure internally. The SP-1 was designed with internal calibration for variable Tube modes that are set from the factory to be application dependent. These tube modes are for the home hifi audiophiles & the pro audio market.

These calibration tools include the rear panel Input gain separate from the internal output gain pots to get proper gain structure in any situation from the studio to live PA to club PA, to Home hifi.

The Low & High Threshold effect calibration pots can be field adjustable to set the sensitivity of the Low & High threshold attack for the pot rotation to user preference.

This feature was designed into SP-1 with speaker systems varying on how audible the factory settings are and can easily be adjusted to suit your preference for any system of any size and caliber.

With the digital MP3 media war we are fighting today to improve the sound quality used in MP3 format the SP-1 is the answer. You can improve the fidelity of a MP3 or any quality source from vinyl to WAV to AIFF to FLAC with SP-1 utilizing the Low & High Frequency Threshold pots to enhance Dynamics to the source. The internal phono stage works amazing with old vinyl to unleash dynamics in this source as well.

The Low Frequency & High Frequency Threshold adjustment pots on the front panel of SP-1 can be used to add more weight, detail, air and extension to thin edgy sounding recordings and give your source personality and fidelity that will take your listening experience to the next level on any sound system or on any studio recording.

When we designed the SP-1 we did not want to design a processor that will add an effect to a source just for the sake of adding effect like most processors will do just to hear something always going on, all tube processors or any processor will effect a source no matter if its well mixed or needs help or not & you always hear an effect. This is not what was intended with SP-1, well mixed program material played thru The SP-1 will remain completely neutral & do nothing to the source.

Where SP-1 will stand out and shine from the rest & what makes SP-1 such a Special Processor and makes it really come to life is with layered recordings. Strings, Brass, Vocals and so on...

A carefully designed expansion process will bring out exciting detail that is so often masked by recordings that are compressed and engineered to be mono compatible. The SP-1 will also bring back amazing detail to digitally stored / processed recordings which where subject to data reduction processing.

It really is a Special Processor & 1st of its kind. The reverse Phono feat is amazing running cd or software programs like Tracktor & Serato and so on thru a phono stage which will REALLY help audio out with the 2 front panel controls, it really is Total Innovation with the all new SP-1.

I had to Trash the design from the 1st incarnation 5 yrs ago as i wasent really happy with it and start all over again fresh.

Here is a demo with MP3 files mixed from CD Thru SP-1 & Iso-Q2 on my all new Home hifi design, The Annabella Audio A4H Loudspeakers

There are some amazing listener comments on SP-1 & Iso-Q2 fidelity on the demo.

SBS Designs SP-1 Specs

Freq resp ; 12 Hz to 30 kHz +/- .1 Db
Rolloff : low = - 2 Db @ 8 Hz , high = - 2 Db @ 44 kHz
Max line level in = + 21 dBu depending on rear pot setting
Max line level out = + 19 dBu
THD thru solid state circuits .03%
Second harmonic distortion thru tube output section .3%
AC Power Draw 25 watts
115v 230v ready

Unity on rear input Gain is factory set at 3 o`clock but can be changed with the rear panel input gain pot and internal output gain pots.

SBS Designs is made, manufactured, Assembled and all concepts in the USA

SP-1 & Iso-Q2 are in stock & already selling state side & in canada and other territories.

SBS Designs ships Global, Except all forms of payment including major credit cards & offer a 10 yr warranty.

We realised some readers misunderstood our post, The SP-1 will bring out detail lost from low sample rates, however being an all analog piece it does alter sample rates in any way.
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